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A complete and exhaustive product which provides right amount of vitamins to integrate the daily intake food, to keep own body strong and healthy. A product that everybody should have at home; a product affordable for everybody.



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Who needs multivitamins and minerals


Everybody is aware that students, due to their young age and lack of time, usually do not care much about importance of having a good diet. Nevertheless their brain needs a lot of good elements in order to functionally work properly. Like in any other case where a poor diet occurs, a good dietary supplement is required to balance lack of elements due to a bad diet. Only a well nourished brain can properly work for hours, keeping attention extended over the time. A good dietary supplement provide good nourishment in case of incorrect diets.


Life is amazing in all its stages. Growing old, we gain wisdom, tranquility, better understanding and acceptance of things around us. We cannot deny, however, that becoming old includes also experiencing an increasing health issues. Elderly people become weaker with the time passing and more exposed to certain type of diseases. Even though elders have tendency to intake less food than when they were young, the importance of a balance diet is essential to prevent diseases, therefore it is strongly suggested to gain the habit to take dietary supplements containing a complete amount of vitamins and minerals.

New Mothers

Giving birth is an amazing thing, but woman’s body undergoes to an enormous amount of physical stress and it will take time to partially recover and very long time to fully recover. After giving birth a woman require rest and good quality food, along with dietary supplement to be sure that all required elements as well intake. Also breast feeds comes with further body efforts in order to produce all the nutrients to feed the newborn.

Growing kids

Kids usually have very active days: their bodies and their brains require plenty of nutrients for playing and learning, therefore food supplements provide excellent source of elements along with a correct diet. Day after day, kids’ body is developing, growing to become adult, that requires excellent balance quantity of vitamins and minerals intake; our dietary supplement provides the right amount of vitamins and minerals that our kids need.


Parent, worker, lover, home taker, elder carer… the life of an adult may be complex and busy. Many things to think and to worry about, many tasks to do, rushing here and there without any break. With such busy life, one of the most important aspects of life gets forgotten: good food diet; most of the people don’t even have time to prepare a good lunch and they grab anything for lunch break. Neglecting nourishing the body during a busy day, could cause even health issues: don’t take a risk, have daily our food supplement, keep balanced vitamins and minerals counts.


Last recent years, science has been proving that stress plays an import role in diseases, yet in a mysterious way. Even in those bad diseases that have still uncertain origins, stress seems to be a triggering factor. Being under stress, mostly over an extended period, causes malfunctioning of the body due probably to a brain malfunctioning in unspecific area of unconsciousness, the area that controls the uncountable autonomous body balances. Food supplements won’t cure stress but it helps to provide the brain with right nourishment to ease recovery.


Doing sport activities, either seldom or often, helps general health. While doing physical exercises, we demand extra performance to own body. After a physical exercise, we feel joyful and satisfied, mostly due to endorphins, an hormone secreted during the physical activity. Right after sport activity, we may be aware about that joy but usually we are not aware about body deficit of elements due to extra effort the body did. Having a single portion of supplement dietary on that day we do exercise, will help to provide fuel for that extra effort.


Holidays are amazing. Either going to mountain, to a rural area or exotic place, holiday are always a great reward. Nevertheless, the environment change, the climate change and the differences holiday timings cause a stress for the body. That stress becomes much more important when we travel across different time zones. That stress is less bearable in case of the purpose of the journey is not an holiday, it’s rather a business trip. Experts says that body needs several weeks to fully acclimatize, but after short time we must go back to regular life, so another stress for the journey back. When you travel, take a good food supplements, help your body to recover from stress.


A good food supplement could be helpful for a pregnant woman to help covering any nutritional gaps in the new mother’s diet. The woman’s body undergoes to important changes while the pregnancy advances and food supplements, along with a correct diet, support the body keeping healthy both the mother and the fetus. The fetus grows fast and therefore needs elements to support own grow: a good balance of quality vitamins and minerals are those right elements whenever the mother’s body lacks of them.
Warning: consultant your doctor beforehand.


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