• Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Where it is stated, never take more than one capsule per day.
  • Some products contain iron which, if taken in excess, may be harmful to very young children.
  • Some products contain Vitamin A. Ask for an advice of a doctor or antenatal clinic in case of you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant.


Eurovit details

Eurovit LLC
Reg. No. 402089716
Tsereteli avenue #142, 0119 Tbilisi (Georgia)

1 Distributors and Sellers

1.1 Sellers are the only entities authorized by EuroVit LLC to sell EuroVit products. Distributors provide Sellers over a certain territory with EuroVit products.
1.2 EuroVit LLC will not hesitate to legally sue whoever sells EuroVit product without authorization.
1.3 Distributors are not EuroVit LLC employees, therefore EuroVit LLC is not responsible for Distributors, mostly for following aspects (but not exclusively):
1.3.1 Distributors’ behaviour,
1.3.2 Distributors’ law breaking.
1.4 Final price include VAT.
1.5 Price to the Seller is determined by written agreement between either the Seller and the local Distributor or the Seller and EuroVit.
1.6 Final price to customers is determined by Sellers only.
1.7 Sellers are responsible for selling products with tamper evident seal undamaged.

2 Distribution of EuroVit products

2.1 Distributors are responsible to deliver transportation boxes (containing a certain number of products) to the Sellers intact, undamaged and unchanged conditions.
2.2 Distributors must have the waybill when transporting EuroVit products from the collection point to the Seller’s facility.
2.3 The Distributor must provide all correct details for waybill to EuroVit and, once waybill is issued by EuroVit, the Distributor have to check waybill details before moving goods. The Distributor is responsible for fully incorrect waybill.
2.4 Distributors must deal with each Seller within own territory, verifying the actual sales of each Seller and chase for Sellers’ new orders.
2.5 The Distributor is responsible for the sales development of own territory and should try to achieve the selling targets suggested by EuroVit.
2.6 Received damaged products must be claimed within 2 weeks from the delivery date by sending pictures and short description of the damage. EuroVit LLC accepts returns of damaged products from Distributors only and within 3 weeks from the claim date. Only accepted claims will not have costs for the Distributor who issues them.